About PrimeraTurf®

Our Mission

To provide PrimeraTurf Members with Procurement, Branding, Information, and Educational tools required for success in today's business.

Our Vision

PrimeraTurf will enhance the business of its members with innovative collective action in areas of Procurement, Branding, Information and Education.

The action will free up members' time to do what they do best: staying close to and servicing their customers.

In the process it will level the playing field with National and Regional distributors.

will work with select suppliers in a cooperative mode to give the membership a competitive advantage in return for providing end‐user access and influence.

We will know that we are accomplishing our Vision when:

  1. Members are the distributors of choice for end‐users in their market
  2. Members are the market access channel of choice for manufacturers in their business
  3. Members believe in and contribute to collective ownership of the cooperative resources as their competitive advantage

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