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the PrimeraTurf advantage for Members:

  1. Advantages of scale in consolidated sourcing positions that add competitive advantage
  2. Advantages of scale in leveraged business services
  3. A platform for Best Practices Sharing
  4. Access to advanced PrimeraOne® and PrimeraOne® Platinum product technologies.

Membership Criteria

  1. Primarily engaged in distribution and resale of product in the professional turf, ornamental and specialty industry
  2. Owners actively engaged in the business
  3. Not a member of a competing purchasing cooperative
  4. Dedicated sales personnel
  5. Good standing with PrimeraTurf® Supply Partners
  6. Commitment to participation in PrimeraTurf® supplier and sourcing opportunities to advantage individual and overall group procurement positions
  7. Subscribing to PrimeraTurf® Values, Vision and Mission
  8. Continuing commitment to training and education of staff and customers
  9. Commitment to sound environmental stewardship

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